Rabbi Fred & Trisha Margulies • Founders

Rabbi Fred & Trisha Margulies founded the farm together in 2007. They were inspired to provide access to land to young farmers, a Jewish connection to the environment for visitors, uniting the Jewish community in the western suburbs, and providing organic produce to those in need through the Tzedakah Donation Garden.

Rabbi Fred leads Jewish environmental discussions and studies on the farm and gives tours of the envelope factory. He is a board member of National Hillel and former chair of the Hillel Latin America Committee.

Trisha is a trained Jewish social worker and chef who teaches natural cooking workshops on the farm. She is currently on the board of Hazon and Teva Learning Center.

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Elan Margulies • Director Emeritus

A graduate of Cornell University's Nature Resource Management Program, Elan has extensive experience leading groups outdoors and created the foundation of our farm educational programming. Elan received training as an environmental educator at Eden Village Camp, Teva Learning Center, Cornell University Naturalist Outreach Program, U.S. National Park Service and Hebrew University. 

Elan is currently the Director of Teva at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT.