Since 2007, we have grown thousands of pounds of fresh, organic produce for those in need and have provided countless educational opportunities to schools and community groups.



Our Mission

"We foster vibrant communal life by exploring Jewish agricultural traditions and contemporary ecological understanding. Through hands-on learning  based in ecological design, personal interaction with nature, and an exploration of Jewish thought, we inspire, build, and create a more sustainable future."

Our roots and history

Pushing the Envelope Farm was founded in 2007 by Rabbi Fred & Trisha Margulies. After attending the 2007 Hazon Food Conference, they were inspired to transition the field next to their family business, Continental Envelope, from conventional corn and soybean production into an organic community farm.

For the first year, the land was allowed to lay fallow and recuperate from years of intensive farming. The following year, community plots were offered to everybody at Continental Envelope and the local community. Other larger-scale community farming projects were started at this time, such as beekeeping and berry cropping.

Fred with young kids and goats.jpg

Since then, the farm has grown into an educational center. Programs in sustainable farming, animal care, and Jewish agricultural tradition are taught on and off the farm, offering everything from candle making to goat milking to pita baking from scratch. The farm offers visitors the opportunity to get their hands dirty by volunteering and interning with us. 

We hope that the farm continues to grow into a gathering place for the local community, and to be a place where people can experience and explore Jewish thought, tradition, and agriculture.